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All sizes of Radar Speed Signs, Radar Trailers, Variable Message Signs, Arrow Boards

and new Radar Speed Cameras.  

    Lightcast Radar Speed Camera System - view speeders day or night in video clips in realtime and recorded - now here in many configurations. Since 2010 offering internet wifi and internet to cellular connections to view your speeders from anywhere in the world.

12/01/19  :

These camera units have been transferred to a new partner building and selling these, call for details. Lightcast no longer builds, supports or sells these units. Specs may change from this brochure.


  Lightcast Radar Camera Brochure pdf   



 radar speed camera photo enforcement


 radar speed camera input outputs speed cameras photo enforcement



Configure your own School zone flashing beacon radar sign kits

  /i/radar sign/schoolzone_flashing_beacons_2_1.JPG  

many flasher beacon design options ( up/down, side/side)



 radar speed sign statistics


   Safety Comes First !   


 driver feedback sign



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Lightcast variable message sign signs boards changeable       Lightcast 10.5'' Light Radar Trailer  Lightcast 18'' Light Radar Trailer


 Lightcast 18'' folding radar trailer  Lightcast variable message sign with radar speed sign 2 line and 3 line



  2 line variable message trailer

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